Business Innovation

Business Innovations is where the real leap is made for any child care program or provider. Shared purchasing and technology, Shared Business Services and ultimately Shared Personnel. It requires an early care and learning program to see and understand how working together is a positive business move not a risky way to loose children and families.
Programs functioning at this level are:

  • Resource Wise – using automation through HUB support to management business aspects of daily work
  • Integrated – working together intentionally sharing services (billing , tuition collection/credit card handling, etc.)
  • And have or are seeking to transform their program – Understanding that sharing key or essential staff functions and spreading the cost out over a group of members. (educational coordinator, billing specialists, director/administrator, etc.)

Ultimately these programs are establishing their competitive edge as well as high program quality.  To learn more, contact Jennifer Dodge at 440-960-7187 ext. 231 or email Jennifer Dodge.