Child Care Staffing Solutions

Child Care Staffing Solutions is a brand new automated platform that connects job-ready substitutes with child care programs in need of quality child care staff.  Substitutes can be used as an employee benefit, used to fill a gap until you can hire quality replacements or as support for you while you invest in your own professional development.  Here are the benefits to your employees:

  • they can take vacation time
  • they can attend family events/performances for their own kids
  • they take care of themselves with doctor visits, mental health days and family health

Child Care Staffing Solutions has also been used during this pandemic to give staff within pandemic approved programs a much needed break and in the Reopening Process to fill staff openings for those that have not returned.  The subs are allowing administrators to not hire in a rush, but rather hire the "right fit" and cover classrooms at the same time.

To begin using subs in your program or become a sub yourself you can contact Jennifer Dodge at or click on the buttons on this page. 
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