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The Community

Make a Donation

The Child Care Resource Center works tirelessly to transform early care and learning in North Central Ohio ensuring every child has a high quality learning experience and enters kindergarten ready to learn.  Here are a few ways you can make an impact yourself:

1.  NEW Supports for Child Care Programs

The following are programs we would like to provide to strengthen the quality of care provided in North Central Ohio.
1.  Child Care Staffing Solutions
2.  LENA Grow for child care and for families
3.  Foster Care Navigation

2.  Crisis Care Fund

Supporting families impacted by job loss, illness or other factors that can make paying for child care difficult.
This fund would enable a family to keep their child's care consistency while their parents sough work, healed from illness or other related 

3.  Supporting the daily operations of the Child Care Resource Center


Step by Step Instructions to Make Your First Donation