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Do Your Employee's Child Care Problems Cost Your Business Money?
Several studies conducted over the past decade have found that employees can be more productive at work when they are sure that their children are being cared for in a safe, secure child care or school program.  When parents are focused at work, the results are reduced turnover, less absenteeism and tardiness, and a boost to commitment and morale.

The costs of lost productivity are staggering.  Nationwide, absenteeism from working parents costs employers about $3 million a year in lost productivity.  The Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association found that at an hourly rate of $7.50, the cost of lost productivity at the work place because of child care problems was estimated at $784,320 annually for Franklin County alone.  The lost productivity may take the form of tardiness and absenteeism when child care arrangements fall through, or even resignations when no child care can be found to replace previous arrangements.

The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC), a resource and referral agency in North Central Ohio can help you develop family-friendly policies and benefits for your employees.  Information in this section will provide you a detailed resource that employers can use to build a reliable and committed work force.

As you consider turning the tide on lost productivity for your business, please feel free to contact the CCRC for an individualized program for your employees.  We look forward to hearing from you on your needs.

Contact Jennifer Dodge, executive director at 440-242-0413 ext. 231