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Tips for Effective Advocacy

  • Keep It Brief

    In general limit them to only 3 or 4 of your most important points.

  • Remember Your Goal

    All of your talking points should build to and support the goal of the meeting, whether it is simply educating the legislator or asking for support. If a talking point doesn't help with that goal, get rid of it.

  • Personalize Your Points

    Convey local and personal stories that illustrate your message and the impact of the issue. If possible reference areas or locals within the legislator's region.

  • Be Specific

    Give the exact name and number of the bill, regulation, or amendment, title of a study, name of a town, etc.

  • Provide a Reason for Action

    Make the case for the legislator to be involved, based on their previous positions, committee assignment, proposed legislation, etc.

  • Back Up the Points with Supporting Materials

    While the talking points should be brief and targeted you should always provide more detailed materials to support your points.