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Choosing Quality

Child Care Checklist

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions that families make. High quality child care in the early years can make a positive difference for the future of your child. Making a thoughtful decision now will help your child develop the skills needed to be successful in school. Finding good child care requires an investment of your time. Compare your choices and ask plenty of questions.

Steps to Guide Your Search

  • Contact the Child Care Resource Center

    Talk with the CCRC Parent Services Specialist to request a personalized list of licensed child care providers that fit your needs or search for yourself using our online child care search tool.

  • Contact providers as soon as possible.

    Vacancies in good programs fill quickly, so your immediate action is important.

  • Arrange a tour and on-site interview with programs you’re most interested in.

    Use the CHILD CARE CHECKLIST to help you cover the key topics that you need to consider. Make notes to remind yourself of their responses.

  • Check references.

    Ask for personal and professional references. You should also research the programs at to view inspection reports and specifics about the program.

  • Make your decision.

    Remember, it’s okay to be a choosey parent.

  • Contact the provider you’ve chosen.

    Let the provider know that you would like to enroll your child in their program.

  • Follow up with other providers.

    Make a courtesy call to notify the other providers that you will not be using their program.

    Child care programs, like many other businesses, must follow certain rules and operate under specialized regulations. Understanding all the ins and outs of child care licensing, early learning and best practices can be confusing.

    You can always contact the CCRC Parent Services Specialist if you have questions about child care or need additional information.

Here is a tool to assist you in your child care search:  Finding Child Care Booklet