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Supporting Elyria Virtual Students Grant

Application is completed by the family.  Parents must include either pay stubs for 2 months or a letter from Ohio Department of Job and Family Services declining child care subsidy or a letter from an employer on letterhead including hours worked and rate of pay or is a full time student (Student ID# and name of College or Vocational School attended).  Fund is only available through December 31, 2020.

Scan and Email Application and back up documentation to: 

The FUND is awarded to a child care program or provider serving the Elyria Resident.

2020 Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) today announces updates to the grant program (11/17/2020): 

Scholarship Funds Awarded to Support Elyria Families through December 2020 The Child Care Resource Center has been awarded a CARES Act grant for $50,000 to support the child care tuition costs for up to two (2) months for families who have placed or need to place their children in child care while they work. COVID-19 has changed the ways in which learning is done. All Elyria schools have converted their students to a virtual learning environment due to rising COVID-19 numbers. The grant has pivoted to respond to the changing needs of Elyria families 1) to scholarship Elyria families not receiving child care subsidy to assist in paying for child care costs during what would have been "in school hours" so that they can work, and 2) to provide adequate internet access to child care programs and providers caring for Elyria students who need to attend virtual school daily - Strengthening the programs internet broadband. 

This grant serves to keep school-age children safe and healthy, mitigating the spread of COVID-19, engaged in their virtual learning requirements and provide access to Wi-Fi/internet access and supports to see educational success. The CCRC not only disburses these grant funds to eligible families, but will also support families through this crisis with help in finding child care that meets their individual needs. We recognize that throughout this COVID-19 pandemic families have been impacted adversely. Job losses, mental health issues, employers cutting hours (making parent ineligible for unemployment), food insecurities and issues related to individuals or families being isolated and so much more. Where the CCRC cannot provide direct services our agency works in tandem with community resources to ensure that families have access to all the services and supports they need. The CCRC staff work directly with child care programs to accept school-age children within their programs during what would be normal school hours during a normal school year.

Jennifer Dodge, CCRC's executive director says, "these supports couldn't have come at a better time. Not only are families paying for child care services that are not a part of their family budget, it is also a time when families need the extra funds as they move into the holiday season. We have made modifications to the grant program to include all Elyria families and all care arrangements to better meet the needs ".

The CCRC will be working with all Elyria schools, the Boys and Girls Club in Elyria, Mayor Frank Whitfield and child care programs and providers to support families through December 2020.  We are asking that Elyria families using a child care provider or program so that you can continuing working to please contact the Child Care Resource Center at 440-242-0413 ext. 231 so that we can support you TODAY!