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Parenting Supports

Parent Cafe's

What is a Parent Cafe?
Parent Cafés allow sharing and learning among parents at a place that appreciates all they have to offer and need. Guided by a fellow parent who is trained as a Parent Host, small groups meet and explore questions that really matter to them.

Those questions help parents learn about:

  • Taking Care of Self
  • Being a Strong Parent
  • Building Strong Relationships with their Children

Why do parents come?
Through meaningful conversations, parents work to build Protective Factors that benefit the family by:

  • Opening up a bigger social circle
  • Building the ability to bounce back or be resilient
  • Gaining knowledge of child development and parenting
  • Accessing supportive services
  • Learning to help children communicate and express feelings

For information contact 440-242-0413 ext.237 or email

How does it work?
At the Parent Café, every parent participates to gain confidence, recognize what they already know, and realize what supports they already have around them.
They become clear about what their families’ challenges are and develop skills to solve problems in their own family. They identify issues, find ways to address
them, and commit to individual action. At the same, they build trusting relationships, social support, and connections with other parents.

Parenting Wisely

PARENTING…Is not an easy job for anyone!

The most important job you will ever have in your life is the job of being a Parent! We are trained to drive a car, pass tests to graduate, trained for our careers...yet no one gives us the tools and training we need to be awesome parents!

Now parents of children age 3-12 years can access FREE, short, and effective parenting skills training at a time convenient for YOU.