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Child and Adult Care Food Program

Minute Menu Tool Information

Minute Menu for Child Care Programs

Minute Menu offers business management software for all aspects of the child care food program and for the child care markets. Since 1993, Minute Menu has been providing quality, money-saving child care software solutions for USDA food program sponsors and child care providers. As a participant with the CCRC's CACFP for centers program, Minute Menu CX is provided FREE to you.  The CCRC provides all the training and resources you need to successfully use Minute Menu CX.

Minute Menu CX is the premier CACFP management software for child care centers participating in the USDA Food Program. Current Clients report an overall increase in reimbursements by automating their food program record-keeping, using Minute Menu CX. With Minute Menu CX, you can:

  • Track enrollments (with all information required by the USDA Food Programs
  • Automatically classify children as Free, Reduced, or Paid
  • Record daily meal attendance and in/out times
  • Automatically scan written daily meal count records, for claims processing and for long term archiving to satisfy state auditors
  • Easily estimate attendance and plan menus
  • Prepare USDA menu production records, with quantity estimates and quantity requirements
  • Review monthly Milk Audits to track actual milk inventory vs. USDA milk serving requirements
  • Track all Food Program expenses

Minute Menu KidsKare (for family child care homes)

KidKare is the web based software the CCRC provides FREE for family child care providers participating with our sponsorship.

We will provide all the training and resources you need to get started with KidKare.  For a brief KidKare overview, click here.

For any additional information please feel free to contact Terri Sluss-Cole at 440-242-0413 ext. 230 or Cathy Richards.