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For Teachers & Caregivers

The COVID-19 global humanitarian and economic crisis has forced individuals and companies to rapidly change how they live and work.  Many elements of business and life are being challenged; in some cases, the next normal may look very different as new ways of working are carried over into the future.  The CCRC's work is not different!  
In response to this pandemic and now the reopening of Ohio's child care system, Child Care Staffing Solutions, an online platform providing substitutes to child care centers, is now responding to the needs within child care programs.  We know that many child care programs are grappling with staff not returning now that Ohio is reopening child care.  Whether it is just a few hours a week or for an extended period of time here are some ways you can help ease the burden for programs attempting to reopen.
Needs of reopening programs:

•  providing temporary relief for program staff 
•  helping where there are staff shortages 
•  providing a much needed break or time off from the daily demands and stress of care-giving 
•  allowing staff time off to be with their family