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Child Care Professionals

FREE Marketing Tool for your Program

Program Information Portal

A Free Marketing Tool for Your Program!

The Child Care Resource Center maintains a database of all licensed child care programs for 5 counties in North Central Ohio.  Information from this database is used in a search tool by families to find child care services.  This search tool resides on the CCRC's website, and allows child care programs to update their information regularly to ensure that families can find and ultimately choose their child care program in a sea of many choices. Hundreds of families access the Child Care Online Search and contact the CCRC monthly for customized assistance in finding child care. It’s easier than ever to keep your database profile updated through the Child Care Program Portal!
You have the ability to:

  • update your program information, including vacancies
  • add your logo and pictures of your program
  • showcase what makes your program unique, and so much more.

All of these things will help market your program to families searching for care as well as help the CCRC to have the most up-to-date information to give to families that we assist via telephone calls and emails.