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Infant & Toddler Care

Infant & Toddler Support

Cecilia Steinman
440-242-0413 ext. 249

Parents have the greatest impact on their child’s development and the first and best teachers for them, but when care outside of the home is needed you want to know that the home or center environment is high quality.  

The CCRC works to support, equip and improve the environments that provide infant and toddler care.  These classrooms and care environments have incredible impact on the lives of the infants and toddlers in their care.  The CCRC wants those experiences to be warm, caring and have a future impact that supports the healthy development of young children.

Through professional development, technical assistance and resources, infant and toddler professionals have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and care teaching strategies to offer intentional experiences that last a lifetime.

Technical assistance and coaching topics include many aspects of infant/toddler care, including:

  • Creating optimal environments implementing developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Learning and implementing routines and teaching strategies
  • Using documentation, lesson plans and curriculums
  • Specific nutritional needs of infants and toddlers
  • Health issues specific to infants and toddlers
  • Starting up your infant/toddler program