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Child and Adult Care Food - Centers

CACFP for Centers



As a local sponsor for the Child and Adult Care Food Program, CCRC is here to help!

  • Provide training and technical assistance to participants
  • Monitor participants to ensure program integrity and compliance with nutrition policies
  • Review monthly reimbursement claims and submits claims to state agency for payment
  • Disburse reimbursements
  • Support participants with business management resources

CACFP Reimbursement Rates for Centers

Child care centers receive cash reimbursement for serving meals to eligible, enrolled children.  Centers may claim up to two reimbursable meals (breakfast, lunch or supper) and one snack, OR two snacks and one meal, to each enrolled child, each day.  Reimbursement for centers is computed by meal type (breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack) and eligibility category (free, reduced price, and paid).

You are on your way to saving TIME & MONEY!   
To get more information or to start your journey with the CACFP for Centers program call Deena Chiller 440-242-0413 ext. 234 or Kate Caraballo 440-242-0413 ext. 237