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For Teachers & Caregivers

Welcome to Child Care Staffing Solutions (CCSS) - we are the first substitute pool service catering exclusively to the early childhood field in Ohio.

Child Care Staffing Solutions recruits dedicated and committed professionals to substitute for the early childhood programs of their choosing.  CCSS has full-time and part-time positions available in early care and education programs (includes preschools, after school programs, centers, head start and religious based preschools).  The best part of this service is that the Substitute chooses what job to accept and the Early Childhood program then can choose who to hire for the posted substitute job.  You do not have to go through a “Middle Man” to secure substitute jobs daily.  CCSS allows you to choose your own hours and what job you apply for as this service is completely automated.

The pay is highly competitive!   Pay rates for CCSS is based on your education level and pay begins at $10 an hour.

Working in any early childhood program in the state of Ohio requires a fingerprint background check, health screenings and some basic trainings.   BUT no worries we'll easily walk you through the process in order to obtain those requirements and get you subbing as soon as possible.  Many of the required trainings are FREE of charge, but the CCRC pays for the background check, and additional training required (we even create a professional development plan tailored to you) to ensure you are making the top hourly rate within CCSS in no time.

Current CCSS programs, substitutes and waitlist programs are eligible to receive $250 for any referral they make that becomes a CCSS substitute.  

This program rewards current programs, subs and waitlist programs with one of these perks as a thank-you:

  • Earn 15 free placements through Childcare Matters tool (current programs only)
  • Program immediately becomes an active program (waitlist programs only)
  • $250 cash incentive
  • $100 donation to an organization of your choice
  • $100 personal gift card (Amazon)