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School-Age Supports

School-Age Support Services

Anita St. John
440-242-0413 ext. 247

CCRC recognizes and values the important role that school-age care plays in today’s society. We believe it is vital for working families to have access to safe, healthy, quality programming for their children during out-of-school time.

We understand that, just as each program is unique, so too are the supports each program needs in order to continuously provide a quality environment for the children in their care.

You are not in this alone. The CCRC stands ready to support you in a variety of ways. Support may include one-on-one consultation with an individual teacher, consultation with a director, providing whole staff training, connecting staff with additional resources, Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) or any combination of these. 

We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your programs school-age needs.

Technical assistance and coaching topics include many aspects of school age care, including:

  • Creating optimal environments
  • Formal and Informal Relationships with school districts and staff
  • Implementing developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Learning and implementing routines and teaching strategies
  • Using documentation, lesson plans and curricula
  • Starting up your school age program
  • Summer School Age Planning
  • Guidance and behavior
  • Lights On activities
  • Project work
  • Bullying