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CDA Application Session

Friday, June 7, 2024
1:00 pm3:00 pm
Adults working togehter to assist candidates in getting their CDA

The CCRC will host CDA Application Sessions to assist candidates in applying for and receiving their CDA Credential.

-CDA Workshop Day: This is a day where individuals can attend a workshop to learn more about the CDA certification process. They can ask questions about completing their portfolio, meeting requirements, and any other questions they may have about the CDA.

-CDA Application Payment: After attending the workshop, participants have the opportunity to have their CDA application paid for. This means the cost of the application fee will be covered by the Child Care Resource Center.

-Finalizing Application: Once one workshop is attended and the individual decides to proceed, they can either have their application paid for on the last workshop date or schedule a separate visit to the CCRC office to complete the payment process.

Each session wil be held in-person at Faith Church in Sandusky, Ohio.