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CCRC Services

CCRC Services

The CCRC believes that early care and education programs should work together and save resources like time and money.  Instead of each child care business (homes, centers, churches, etc.) all doing the same things and paying separately for them, we believe that sharing is the answer to stronger child care businesses. 

Shared services have four key characteristics, they are centralized, they promote automation, they standardize processes and they act like a business within a business. They are often set up to reduce the cost of the back-office function, and they generally evolve to also produce higher value work – including shared staff and resources. Advanced shared services are more like a partner to the business than just a service provider.

CCRC Services use this shared service model to provide services to the child care community.  Below is an infographic that shares our model and what we offer today and where we are heading for the future.

*Child Care Staffing Solutions does not employ or place child care subs.