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Preschool Support

Preschool Support Services

Cecilia Steinman
Quality Enhancement Specialist
440-242-0413 ext. 249

Preschool Teachers are critical to the field of early childhood.  The CCRC  supports, provides resources and coaching with; Step Up to Quality, developmentally appropriate practices, optimal learning environments, program, parent engagement and child assessments/screenings and curriculums. The CCRC has the privilege of developing relationships with preschool professionals when we  provide Ohio Approved trainings, which help to raise the level of professionalism in the field, and increase the quality of care in early childhood education. 

The CCRC staff support intentional teaching that embraces children’s strengths and interest.  Encouraging and engaging teacher/child conversations, encouraging curiosity, while investigating studies and problem solving. We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your program. 

Technical assistance and coaching topics include many aspects of preschool care, including:

  • Creating optimal environments implementing developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Learning and implementing routines and teaching strategies
  • Using documentation, lesson plans and curriculums
  • Starting up your preschool program
  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Guidance and behavior
  • Project work